Nexun One Module

The New Standard of PV Metrology

IEC60904-9 Ed 2: A+A+A+

IEC60904-9 Ed 3. A+A+A+

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Unrivaled Spectrum

From the Standard

The Nexun One ensures that you meet the highest industry standards. Its spectrum reaches A++ for both IEC60904-9 Ed 2. and Ed3., with a SPD lower than 15% and SPC higher than 98%. Its spectral deviation is lower than Xenon and traditional LED solar simulators.


Meet the Standards of Today and Tomorrow!


Divided in 120 individually adjustable zone, more 10’000 LEDs powers the simulator over an active area of 1200x2200mm with an adjustable intensity from 20 to 1’000W/m2. Each LED are monitored in temperature, voltage and current to ensure stable operation and automatic fault detection.


200 to 500 milliseconds

flash pulse. Measure high capacitive devices as PERC, Hetero-Junction with a longer pulse, removing the needs of special computational IV techniques that are prone to errors. The basic configuration is 200ms.


Measure bi-facial modules with our double illumination source. Both sources can be individually modulated and the flasher is up-gradable, allowing you to spread the cost by upgrading your simulator at a later time.

36 Million Flashes

Provides you with an LED lifetime of 10-15 years in production. All LED are driven below steady-state rating ensuring a longer life time and slower degradation than competing products. After that, we can replace the LEDs for you.

Thermal Chamber

Our fully automated thermal chamber comprises of 28 individually controlled zone to speed up the process. Combined with the configurable software, setup your measurement process so that it can be performed fully automatically.

15 Seconds Cycle Time

Allows to meet the most constrained production speed of today, and tomorrow.

Modular Design

The modular design allows customization of the active area for specific needs.


Light Modulation

The Nexun One Has the ability to modulate its spectrum and spectral configuration or irradiation can be changed each millisecond of the flash, opening new perspectives.


Nexun Software is the most flexible system out-there. Fully database synced, you keep trace of your measurements.

The software include a full data management system that perfectly fits laboratory data management as well as production. Keep track of your clients, measurements and automatically generate test reports based on your template.

Statistical analysis allows you to keep track of the production performances and system performance. The calibration process for production allows for fool-proof automated calibration without the need to even touch the software.

Want to customize? The full API access, or even better, create your own plugin and integrate it within the software, you can then even sell your work to other Nexun’s user.

Plugin for data extraction and processing are available and we can also develop custom plugins for your particular needs.


The system is designed for simple maintenance. Provided with spare parts out of the box, and using widely available power supplies, most of the potential issue can be fixed by yourself without the need of waiting an engineer to fly in.


With The Nexun One

Bring your lab or production to a new level with a flexible, modular and up-gradable system.

By Avalon

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