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Nexun Software

Nexun Software

Tired of using software out of the 90’s?


We designed & developed software for more than 15 years

The caveat of the technical industry is the inability to create good software. The reason is that the skill for hardware and software are fundamentally different and thus companies specialized in industrial hardware design lacks the resources to design Software.

Before funding Avalon, we designed & developed B to C, widely distributed software across all computer and mobile platforms.


Software Technology

We use proven and efficient Microsoft technologies in combination with modern & dynamic framework to provide flexibility, modularity and enjoyable user experience.


Responsive & Modular UI

Our UI is completely modular allowing the user to set it up based on his working needs, either you are a laboratory, a researcher or a production, we get you covered. Simply choose what parameters you need and drag them around.


The software itself uses an SQL database to store and reload measurements. The database can either be local or on a network, allowing to see and process the measurements from a remote office. Besides of the internal SQL storage, it is possible to connect the software to another SQL database matching your format.

Stock Plugin

We provide stock plugin as text logger, MS Excel logger, SQL, MS Word report generation and so forth.

User Access

We provide role level user access with either password or token based identification. This is really important for measurement quality and traceability. With the token based system, you will always know who makes the measurement while you protect important settings.


Data Management

There is no point of measuring thousands of IV if you cannot access your data. Our CTO first task at TUV Rheinland was to design a fully automated data management system that goes from the measurement up to the printing of the final report. We design a similar concept, so you can keep track of everything. You can categorize your measurements and search by client, module type, dates, operator to perform global analysis. Generate a report in a few clicks, saving you time and errors.


The software accept plugins which can do pretty much anything you need to. You can either develop your own plugins using free Microsoft technologies, or we can develop them for you based on your needs.

Need a specific plugin to let’s say, integrate your own E-L camera? Integrate your own temperature sensing or control your own thermal chamber ? We get you covered.


Anything on our software is accessible or can be controlled through the TCP/IP API allowing you to interface it to your systems.


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