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Nexun One

The New Standard of PV Metrology

IEC60904-9 Ed. 2: A+A+A+
IEC60904-9 Ed. 3: A+A+A+


Meet the Standards of Today and Tomorrow!

Unrivaled Spectrum

From the Standard

The Nexun One ensures that you meet the highest industry standards. Its spectrum reaches A+ for both IEC60904-9 Ed. 2 and Ed. 3, with a SPD lower than 15% and SPC higher than 98% over the 300-1200nm range. Its spectral deviation is lower than Xenon and traditional LED solar simulators.

Patented IR Technology

Avalon’s Nexun One technology for the infrared region coverage is patented!


Optimized for specific standard

Typical system spectral match according to IEC60904-9 when optimized for each of the standard independently.


Band Optimized for

IEC60904-9 Ed. 2


Band Optimized for
IEC60904-9 Ed. 3


SPD Optimized for
IEC60904-9 Ed. 3


Compromised for all standards

Typical system spectral match according to IEC60904-9 when optimized compromised for Bands Ed. 2, Bands Ed 3 & SPD altogether.


General Optimized
IEC60904-9 Ed. 2


General Optimized
IEC60904-9 Ed. 3

  • Actual measurements, performance may vary, represents typical results.

  • IEC60904-9 Class A is ±25%, Class A+ is ±12.5%

  • Indicated band deviation values in %


10’000+ LEDs, 3’840 Channels

Leds provides the longest lifetime. Each LED are monitored in temperature, voltage and current to ensure stable operation and automatic fault detection for worry-less operation. Boards are easily replaceable by the end-user, and spare parts are provided, removing the need to wait for a service engineer.

The standard Nexun One MT packs 3’840 independent, 12-bits fully adjustable channels, providing the utmost control over spectrum and uniformity, beyond anything else on the market.



 Nexun OneCompetitor A
Best Xenon
Competitor B
IEC60904-9 Ed. 2A+ A+ A+A+ A+ A+N/A
IEC60904-9 Ed. 3A+ A+ A+N/AN/A
Ed. 2 Spectral Match< ±5% *±12.5%N/A
Ed. 3 Spectral Match< ±10% *N/AN/A
Ed. 3 Spectral Deviation (SPD)< 15%17%> 150%
Ed. 3 Spectral Coverage (SPC)> 98%> 98%70%
Spatial Non-Uniformity< ±1%< ±1%< ±2%
Pulse Lentgh200 or 500ms10ms150ms
Cycle Time **15s30sN/A

* Spectral match when optimized for SPD. Best possible is virtually < 1% due to the ability to modulate the spectrum.
** Cycle time for Nexun One Module.


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Bring your lab or production to a new level with a flexible, modular and up-gradable system.

By Avalon

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