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Nexun One Release


Only after 12 months of high efforts, Avalon Swiss Technology has developed in a world records time the next generation of LED-based solar simulator, the Nexun One, whose capabilities exceeds any system currently on the market.

The company is proud to have released the Nexun One Solar Simulator at SNEC, the biggest solar fair in the world.

The massive success and interest from the market for Avalon’s systems means the next challenge for the company is scaling up on an orderly fashion and to match the market demand whilst keeping the R&D full steam.


As being a high-tech company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, we would like to thank the economic promotion of Neuchâtel with M Jean-Kley Tullii, M Bochatay, M René Benninger, the UBS with M Nathanaël Bourgeois, Mirko Mandola, and particularly the CEO of Microcity with M Sandy Wetzel for their guidance and we are hoping the support from the City, the Canton and Confederation will help us reach our goals, scaling up, keep developing new technologies and create new employment.

Avalon has a lot of disruptive products in the pipeline. Nexun One being the first iteration and demonstrator of the company capabilities, this is only a beginning, and there is a lot more to come.

Damien Etienne