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The advantage LED based Solar Simlator for HJT


Long Pulse! This is becoming a hot topic as Hetero Junction solar panel are getting more common on the market as well as other technologies. The double (or more) junction allows for increased efficiency and power output of the panel by widening the sensitive spectral area of the cell by, in simple words, juxtaposing two cell atop each-other.

The “two cells” are basically in series and have equivalent properties. One cell will limit the other depending on the applied spectrum.


This the is why LED based solar simulator becomes interesting, as each LED Wavelength can be individually controlled. The spectrum of the solar simulator, as the Nexun One, can be finely tuned which means a particular junction can be purposely limited or “activated” by modulating the spectrum to balance the irradiation either on the blue or red region. IV Curve can then measured for each junction individually besides the standard AM1.5.

This provides Laboratories and Manufacturers novel information that can be used for process tuning and continuous monitoring, allowing in turn to increase yield and efficiency through continuous improvements.

With the Nexun One, it is possible to perform this within a single flash using light modulation, rendering this process of three measurement seamless in a production environment.